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Let's enjoy GTA SAN ANDREAS even longer!

Sustaining player interest in your server now requires making significant changes to the map to keep it attractive and engaging. Allow yourself to stand out from the competition and attract new individuals to your server who will eagerly explore new models!



Auto Dealership


Jewelry Store


Pershing Square


Police Station


Alhambra Housing Project

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About Me

This is a store where you can purchase 3D models, objects, mods, remakes, and reworks for GTA San Andreas/MTA:SA/SA-MP. I've been doing this since 2020, starting with small modifications and progressing to larger projects, overcoming various challenges along the way. You can see the current results on the website.

The programs I use:

3ds Max 2021 • Map Editor 0.32 • Colleditor2 • Magic.TXD • Photoshop

What people are saying

Artboard 1

I saw the videos on your Youtube channel of some models and maps you made and honestly I thought it was amazing.

— d$ davilla

Artboard 1

Your models are a fucking work of art, I wish I could be half as good and have that much patience. It's the attention to detail, the choice of textures, and the lighting... I have no idea how you make the lighting so perfectly match the map, with my methods I would illuminate it for a month and still have some unwanted artifacts. Applause and applause

— Payro

Artboard 1

Its awsome what you can do with a little bit of vertex lights :D incredible model as always, keep up the good work!

— Danihe


City Hall 3D Interior


LS Fire Station 3D


Hospital LS 3D