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The police faction is one of the key organizations on the server, so it's worth taking care of its unique and functional headquarters.

We present a new model of the police station, which serves as a complete base for the gameplay of officers. It is a freshly designed building, including a lobby, numerous corridors, 5 cells for prisoners, dressing room, and an office. Outside, there is a fenced parking lot that can accommodate 12 vehicles, and additionally, officers have access to an underground parking lot for up to 22 vehicles. We haven't forgotten about flying units – there is an exit to the roof, where you can use the helipad.

The logo can be easily customized to your needs using the Magic.txd program and editing the "police_station_ls_alpha.txd" file.

It's worth noting that some elements, such as doors in the cells, interior doors, or the garage gate, have been separated from the main model, allowing for their easy editing.

The model features unique lighting both during the day and at night, with lighting and shadow effects. Thanks to the simplified collision, the model is optimized, maximizing its performance. It has been fully tested and is ready for installation on the server.

🎮 Gameplay Walkthrought

  • 34351 polygons - model
  • 3557 polygons - collision

EDIT. The error in the inscription on the front of the building has been corrected.


You will get a ready folder with models and script, which you just need to move to resources and run to be able to enjoy new objects.

You will get a ZIP (4MB) file