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Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and modern design with the 3D car showroom model. This elegant showroom, styled in a modern way, is the perfect place for car enthusiasts on the GTA San Andreas server.

Outside the showroom, there is a spacious parking area that can accommodate up to 10 vehicles. This external space not only provides opportunities for customers but also adds dynamism to the surroundings.

Inside the showroom, you can admire a display featuring six cars and three motorcycles. The modern interior creates an excellent space for presenting the latest models while allowing players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an automotive paradise.

The interior of the car showroom, with its well-thought-out social space, office, and dressing room, is designed for comfort and convenience. Eye-catching decor details and modern arrangements make every step in this place a pleasant experience. Whether players come here simply to admire the latest models or are seeking opportunities for interaction with others, the car showroom provides a fascinating environment where aesthetics meets functionality.

The car showroom model has been carefully tested and is ready for immediate implementation on your server. Explore new gameplay possibilities and provide players with unique experiences in the world of GTA San Andreas!

You can easily replace the logo with your own by swapping the texture in the .txd file.

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  • 18115 polygons - model
  • 2568 polygons - collision


You will get a ready folder with models and script, which you just need to move to resources and run to be able to enjoy new objects.

You will get a ZIP (3MB) file