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Pershing Square

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Take your experiences in the world of GTA San Andreas to a new level with the 3D model "Pershing Square" - a refreshed park located in the heart of the city. The aim of this park is not only to enhance the aesthetics of the place but also to provide a new gameplay space on your server.

The main attraction of this park is its unique columns, distinguished by their original architecture. Interconnected with wooden beams, they create distinctive structures on which vines and flowers cascade towards the ground, giving the place a unique character. It's the perfect spot for relaxation and gatherings for city residents.

The park's lighting simulates realistic lighting conditions both during the day and at night. The collision has been optimized, ensuring smooth interaction with the environment.

Additionally, the park offers two specially designated parking lanes, accommodating a total of 30 cars. The park features numerous benches, trash bins, a fountain, and an additional water tank, adding extra details and diversity to the area.

The "Pershing Square" model has been meticulously tested and is ready for immediate implementation on your server. Provide players with unique experiences in the refreshed surroundings of this picturesque park in the heart of the city!

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  • 55169 polygons - model
  • 6857 polygons - collision


You will get a ready folder with models and script, which you just need to move to resources and run to be able to enjoy new objects.

You will get a ZIP (2MB) file